Our mission is simple.

We want to help you succeed at work.

In your own way.

Starting right now, wherever you are today.


Take ownership of your career,
whatever stage you are at.


Create a culture of proactive career 
development that helps your employees 
 thrive and your business grow.


At So, What Do You Do?, we believe it is time for a radical rethink as to how you manage your career.
It is vital to have a career strategy in place so that you can proactively manage your career in a way that benefits both you and your organisation.
And that is where So, What Do You Do? comes in.
We offer a range of workshops and 1-2-1 sessions based on our proprietary CQ™ framework to help you create a career strategy that is right for you.


So, What Are The Results?

You will have a structure in place that will not only energise you but enable you to take ownership of your work and have a greater impact in all that you do.