The Traditional 

Six two hour sessions over a six month period with email and telephone support in between and a three way meeting with line manager/sponsor at the beginning and end.

Suitable for:

  • presence and impact
  • transitions to a new role or enhanced responsibilities
  • performance in a front-office role, e.g. business development
  • personal and professional development
  • leadership development


The Clinic

A one day surgery style approach where a number of individuals are seen sequentially at your premises.

Suitable for:

  • embedding learnings from leadership development programmes
  • career development guidance
  • future alumni (leavers) to help them transition smoothly


The Just-In Time 

A one-off or bespoke intervention to deal with a specific period of challenge.

Suitable for:

  • senior executives in relation to a specific time-bound challenge or situation
  • additional support during a period of change due to restructuring/downsizing 
  • issues surfacing unexpectedly when adapting to a new culture following a merger/acquisition

My self-esteem has increased significantly. I am looking forward to a fulfilling,
challenging and exciting future.

Sharmina, Lawyer