Why do so many people stay in jobs they can’t stand? Is it a lack of imagination (they can’t think of what else to do), or a lack of confidence (they don’t believe they can do anything else)?

In my experience of coaching clients who want to find more meaningful work, they generally start by saying the former (“I have no idea what I want to do”) but once we probe a little, it is often quite apparent they have quite a good idea of what they “want” to do, they either don’t think it is realistic in some way or for one reason or another they lack the confidence to do it. Perhaps they have been in one company or job for a long time and wonder if they would be “found out” if they went somewhere else. Or maybe they worry about failing, so it feels safer not to try.

The variety of thoughts that our mind is able to generate to prevent us living our purpose is infinite. Whatever the story-line, the underlying message it conveys to us is always this: you are not enough.

The good news is that you are. Not only are you unique in terms of what you have to offer the world (yes really), but you can use your talents, love what you do and make a difference to others while making a living. Many others have done it and you can too. How do you do this? The key is finding your purpose, articulating it and bringing it into your everyday work. This is not simply an academic exercise – the power and momentum generated when individual truly “connects” in an experiential way with their purpose is staggering to watch. People take risks they didn’t think they were capable of – yes they may need new knowledge and skills to help them, but purpose gives them the energy and motivation to make changes that move them towards finding the work they were meant to do, and the work that truly fulfils them.