When you were a small child and did something naughty (assuming of course you did!), you were probably chastised. If you pleaded it was an accident, you were probably given a stern warning not to do it again. But if – God forbid – you did it “on purpose”, severe consequences would follow.

We thus grow up with a semi-conscious belief that doing things “on purpose” is generally not a good idea. As the years go by, our childhood intentionality dissolves into an adult “mechanical-ness”, where we operate most of our days on auto-pilot. Nowhere is this more prevalent than at work. Look around you today and you will see some examples I am sure.

But what if we could reclaim some of that “on purpose” spirit we used to have in abundance as children? What if this time we could channel it into actions that use our talents and bring more joy into our work and make a difference to others?

Just a thought! And for those of you who have by now forgotten the title to this article, my answer is a resounding “No!”