So, What Does Bob Do?: He works as an in-house recruiter for a financial services company in the City.

Reason for visiting the Career Clinic: “Career Constipation” i.e. a persistent feeling that there is something out there he should be doing in his career – and yet it never seems to happen. 


Bob’s Situation: 

  • Bob knows his job pays well (his main reason for being there) and he likes the people he works with. 
  • But he keeps getting this feeling that he is not really doing something worthwhile with his life or “making a difference”. 
  • This feeling emerges most strongly during conversations with friends after a few drinks in the pub. 
  • Most of the time, he pushes it to one side assuming he should be grateful for the job he has. He feels stuck in his career and not sure how to move forward.

 Insights gained from his session:  

  • Maybe the something missing is not “out there” but “in there”. 
  • What Bob realises during coaching is that (i) this feeling is telling him something important and not to ignore it, but that (ii) he doesn’t need to throw out the baby with the bathwater in terms of giving up his existing job.
  • By exploring what is important to Bob (his values) and what he wants to accomplish from his work (his purpose), he is able to identify activities that he can add on an extra-curricular basis e.g. mentoring disadvantaged young people to find work. 
  • These activities will give him the sense of meaning he is missing in his day job but also allow him to appreciate the value of what he does get from his job – a good salary and social connections.
  • Bob doesn’t find his solution “out there” but rather “in there” by getting more clarity on what really matters to him and acting on that.