So, What Does Anna Do?: She works in internal communications for an insurance company

Reason for visiting the Career Clinic: “Career Identity-Crisis” 


Anna’s Situation: 

  • Anna comes to coaching as she is experiencing a sense of meaningless from her work. 
  • She doesn’t feel a connection to what she does and feels uncomfortable when she is asked the dreaded “What do you do?” question in social settings.
  • Daily she feels she is reacting to a barrage of requests and struggling to keep her head above water in the office. In the evening she goes home exhausted and collapses in front of the TV with a glass of wine. 
  • Anna feels lacking in energy and motivation but is not sure how to move forward.


Insights gained from his session:  

  • Anna is not fully connecting with the value of what she does today because of how she is thinking about her role.
  • What Anna realises in coaching is that (i) how she describes what she does (oh I just work in internal comms) both to herself and others is fuelling the disconnection she feels; and that (ii) she can consciously change this herself. 
  • By exploring what she actually does over and above the role or title i.e. who she helps and how and what value is created, she is able to construct a more empowering answer to the “So, What Do You Do?” question.
  • What Anna realises in coaching is the true nature of the value she provides in her current role. She realises what she is actually doing is advising leaders of a business on how to most effectively deliver their message so that people in the business would (a) understand it (b) buy in to it and (c) act on it. That feels like a pretty crucial skill and contribution to her! 
  • Just this deeper realisation of the value she is adding makes Anna feel more energised in her existing role without changing anything else.