Career Intelligence (CQ™) is a powerful and effective self-leadership model.
We use it to develop and resource employees at all levels to
re-energise them and help your organisation thrive. 

We offer a number of different ways to access the benefit of CQ™
by working with individuals, teams or groups.


CQ™ Fundamentals for all Employees

Encourage proactive engagement from your employees by showing them how to apply CQ™ thinking and start acting like the CEO of their careers (“You Ltd”). This innovative workshop gives your employees the tools to manage and develop themselves in a way that benefits everyone. 


CQ™ Masterclass for Managers

Empowering employees to take ownership of their careers won’t work if their managers are not able to have an effective career conversation when approached. Equip your managers with the tools they need to support their employees’ CQ™ development.



The Traditional 

Six two hour sessions over a six month period with email and telephone support in between and a three way meeting with line manager/sponsor at the beginning and end.

Suitable for:

  • presence and impact
  • transitions to a new role or enhanced responsibilities
  • performance in a front-office role, e.g. business development
  • personal and professional development
  • leadership development


The Clinic

A one day surgery style approach where a number of individuals are seen sequentially at your premises.

Suitable for:

  • embedding learnings from leadership development programmes
  • career development guidance
  • future alumni (leavers) to help them transition smoothly


The Just-In Time 

A one-off or bespoke intervention to deal with a specific period of challenge.

Suitable for:

  • senior executives in relation to a specific time-bound challenge or situation
  • additional support during a period of change due to restructuring/downsizing 
  • issues surfacing unexpectedly when adapting to a new culture following a merger/acquisition

My self-esteem has increased significantly. I am looking forward to a fulfilling,
challenging and exciting future.

Sharmina, Lawyer