Possibility Street is the not-for-profit arm of So, What Do You Do?

We are a network of people helping people. We believe that through collaboration and supporting each other, we can achieve great things. 



Career Coaching for those affected by COVID-19
COVID-19 has had an unprecedented effect on business owners, managers and careers across all industries. Many are left worried, confused or anxious about the next steps in their businesses or careers.

What have we done?
Possibility Street’s network of executive coaches have volunteered pro bono and low bono career coaching sessions to help those who are struggling with their careers as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. 




Founder of Speila 

Ivan vividly remembers the point his life came crashing down around him. The death of his father and brother in quick succession turned him from a happy eight-year-old child to an intensely angry one. The bereavements left him without a male role model and marked the start of a downward spiral Ivan felt he couldn’t stop.

“I was in self-destruction mode and stopped caring about school, my family, myself,” says Ivan, who grew up on a South London estate where crime was prevalent. “My mum worked tirelessly to raise us on her ownbut I was missing a male influence in my life so when the older guysfrom my estate started showing me respect I quickly got mixed up with people who weren’t good for me. My story isn’t unique though, which is what makes me all the more determined to help young people choose adifferent path.”

That different path inspired Ivan to launch Spiela.co.uk, a social enterprise which offers young people an online platform where they can seeksupport and expand their horizons.